Anana is a mother-daughter duo-led brand with a love and passion for styling. This duo is a big believer in styling. As they say, accessories can amp up the whole look by styling in all appropriate means. It can transform how one looks by wearing different accessories in multiple ways, and that’s where their passion for accessories comes, the beginning of Anana. 

We handcraft our jewellery collection, which is bold, brilliant, and has the touch of both Indian tradition and a contemporary feel. We are dedicated to providing an exquisite jewellery collection at an affordable price because every woman deserves the pleasure of wearing precious jewellery. 

We have a team of experienced and talented artisans who design our jewellery to make it worth adding to your collection. We mainly have five collections - Diamond Collection, Indian Collection, Tribal Collection, Modern Collection, and 925 Sterling Silver Collection. 

Every piece of jewellery embraces a unique style that adds grace to your personality. Our jewellery is made with dedication, passion, and love; we give the moment of class.

Welcome to the world of Anana. In 2022, Anana started its journey by focusing on outstanding craftsmanship and phenomenal jewellery. We offer unique and trend-setting jewellery in modern and Indian traditional collections with aesthetic appeal. 

Heena Somani

A passion for styling led Heena Somani to this exquisite venture. Heena was already famous as a Makeup Artist, Fashion Consultant, and Marketer. She won many prestigious awards like Lady of Excellence 2015 by South-East Asia Alliance, 20 Asians Successful in their 20s by SEA, Women Excellence Award by WPDO in Nigeria; She's the Star by Mercedes Benchmark Cars for her work in women empowerment, etc. The list of achievements is much longer. 

Graduating from the Fashion Industry and Mass Communication in Singapore in Raffles Design Studio, Fashion Institute of Technology New York, and London School of Fashion gives her a reason to be extraordinary in what she does. Her perspective and creativity flaunt her artistic side anyone can feel in her jewellery designs and sense of style. She owns the style she wears.

Heena's philosophy is to craft every piece of jewellery with a memorable and artistic touch. Her art combines exceptional craft with prolific designs to shape the precious jewellery collection. 

She has achieved immense success at a very young age. She has a long list of clients who approach her for lifestyle, personal styling, clothing choices, wardrobe evaluation, etc., to change their way of living through her ingenuity. She also conducts workshops on grooming, dressing, etiquette, and body language to help people learn the way of style. 

Every piece of jewellery designed by Heena resonates with versatility, elegance, and excellence. Anana approaches contemporary and classic craft with alluring designs that bring luxury at an affordable price.

Sunita Somani

Sunita Somani is the backbone of Anana and a big supporter of Heena Somani. She is the creative head of Anana. As a creative head, she brings the inspiration of blending tradition and innovation in jewellery, attracting modern-age women and women who love to wear classically designed jewellery. Her artistic approach brings life to every piece of jewellery. "Art cannot be taught, but it can be fostered or helped along." Sunita Somani, with her art, helps her daughter design jewellery which is modernistically affordable. 

She handles all backend procedures for Anana, and her creativity and managing tactics help Anana stand firm in this competitive time. She is a strong-willed woman who, with her dedication, stands by Anana. This mother-daughter duo brought a brilliantly evolved jewellery collection loved by all. 

However, most importantly, Anana got so much love in a brief period and thanked everybody for being a loyal customer of Anana. 

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  • Authenticity

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  • Affordable

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