Shipping Policy

Here we have mentioned our Privacy Policy so you can get a clear idea about how your order process works.

Domestic Orders (India) :-

  • Dispatch time is about 24-48 hours within the order
  • Delivery time ranges between 7-10 days depending on where your location is. This time might vary depending on public holidays, natural hazards, or any other unavoidable reasons.
  • The given timeline is an estimation and not a guarantee.

Customized Orders (Within India or International) :-

  • As this order is a customized order, it may take longer than the normal dispatch days, it totally depends on the customization of the product
  • Customized orders cannot be exchanged or return

International Orders :-

  • The dispatch time is about 24-48 hours
  • Delivery time is 7-10 days depending on the location you are staying. This time may get affected due to natural disasters, public holidays, or any other unavoidable reasons
  • We are not responsible for any government charges applicable in your country
  • The given timeline is an estimation and not a guarantee. If your country applies any impact fees, your order might be delayed
  • We urge you to add your phone number with your address where you want your order to be delivered
  • Commercial invoices will marked as Merchandise and cannot be marked as any gift or it can’t be mentioned as - the price is lower than the actual price
  • All international orders are non-refundable